Denver’s Pro-Trump Rally Immobilized by Anti-Trump Radicals

Denver, CO – Saturday March 25 Pro-Trump supporters under the Facebook group “Make America Great Again” called for a Colorado MAGA March at the state capitol in Denver.  Anti-fascist/anti-racist group, The People’s Protection League, organized a counter demonstration.  “The People They Hate Make America Great”  In addition, an “Impeach Trump” event was concurrently scheduled to be held at the Capitol.

People from various anti-fascist/anti-racist groups wearing black and covering their faces were facing off a line of police standing between the counter demo and the pro-Trump rally.

The counter demonstrators then proceeded to circle the Trump supporters. Denver Police Department responded by forming a circle around the rally which hemmed in the pro-Trump supporters, effectively halting the march before it could start.

The People’s Protection League (PPL) who helped organized the confrontational counter-Trump demonstration were in attendance wearing safety vests. One member told us,

Some of us showed our faces, most of us yelled and taunted, some of us dialogued. Ultimately, I believe that this created a tremendous amount of confusion. The Trump march was clearly intimidated by the wild card element, as well as the bloc’s inherent mystery. Furthermore, they see us as being organized. This put us in a position to co-opt their march, while giving the bloc a position to heckle with perhaps greater impunity given that it was implied that they (Trump supporters) were under control. Really we didn’t do shit we just showed up in vests and confusion reigned on both sides. 10/10 very fun.”

One arrest was reported initially, however was later confirmed as not related to the confrontation between demonstrators. DPD arrested a homeless person in Civic Center Park around the same time. DPD has a history of harassing and targeting the homeless population in Denver and is in the midst of a legal battle challenging the constitutionality of the Urban Camping Ban. The pro Trump rally who had planned to march never left Civic Center Park resulting in a tactical victory for anti-Trump side.

Counter-demonstrations were held in other cities around the world on March 25 as well.
Huntington Beach, CA

Providence, RI

Philadelphia, PA

Omaha, NE

Lansing, MI

Milwaukee, WI

Phoenix, AZ

Houston, TX

Montreal, CAN

Edinburgh, Scottland

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