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Neo-Nazis Driven Off CSU Campus After Turning Point USA Event

Fort Collins, CO – On Friday night, Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a right-wing xenophobic student group, held a “Smashing Socialism” speaking event featuring its founder Charlie Kirk, at Colorado State University (CSU). A call to protest the event came from the Northern Colorado Antifa Collective,…

🦄 Direct Action, Racism

Standoff Between Neo-Nazis and Antifascists in Pikeville, KY

Pikeville, KY – On Saturday, April 29 a coalition of white supremacists calling themselves the Nationalist Front held a small rally in front of the old courthouse in downtown Pikeville.
The rally was the public component of a gathering where various established white nationalist/neo-Nazi organizations…

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Denver’s Pro-Trump Rally Immobilized by Anti-Trump Radicals

Denver, CO – Saturday March 25 Pro-Trump supporters under the Facebook group “Make America Great Again” called for a Colorado MAGA March at the state capitol in Denver.  Anti-fascist/anti-racist group, The People’s Protection League, organized a counter demonstration.  “The People They Hate Make America Great” …