Climate Protesters Take DC Streets Again, Target Banks Funding Fossil Fuels

Washington, DC – After Monday’s #ShutDownDC protests that blocked traffic in the USA’s capital, climate activists are again taking to the streets. A march during rush hour on Friday morning is targeting banks and institutions that activists say support the fossil fuel companies causing climate change.

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On Monday, September 23, about 2,000 protesters broken down into smaller groups spread across DC and blockaded different roads and intersections. The disruption was intended to put pressure on policymakers and bring attention to the coalition’s demands for “A Green New Deal, Respect of Indigenous Land, Environmental Justice, Protection of Biodiversity, [and] Sustainable Agriculture.”

On Friday, September 20, thousands of students came to a rally and march to the US Capitol as part of the international youth climate strike, attended by a total of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Youth who spoke with Unicorn Riot said they felt like adults didn’t care about leaving a livable planet for future generations and that they needed to act now, not later.

Recent climate science reports warn that humanity has about a decade to dramatically reduce or eliminate fossil fuel energy in order to avoid massive global disasters caused by runaway climate change.

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