Cordale Handy Banquet Brings Together Mothers Who’ve Lost Their Sons to Police Killings

St. Paul, MN – For the second year in a row, mothers from across the United States who have lost their children to police killings take part in a community celebration and remembrance of their lost children’s lives. The 2nd Annual Remembering Cordale Q. Handy Memorial Banquet, started by Kimberly Handy-Jones, will be held in Roseville, Minnesota, and will be livestreamed by Unicorn Riot.

Families of Police Victims Create Community Amidst Tragedy – See our extensive coverage of the first Remembering Cordale Handy Memorial Banquet

Kimberly Handy-Jones’ son, Cordale Handy, was killed within moments of interaction by St. Paul police officers Mikko Norman and Nathaniel Younce after responding to a domestic disturbance call while Handy was going through a dramatic mental episode. At the time of Handy’s death in March 2017, he was at least the 17th person killed by St. Paul Police since 2008.

Unicorn Riot Coverage Surrounding Cordale Handy:

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