Man Arrested Planning Vegas Attacks Joined Neo-Nazi Party, Leaked Chats Show

Las Vegas, NV – On Friday, August 9, federal prosecutors announced the arrest of 23-year-old Conor Climo for allegedly planning attacks to kill LGBTQ and Jewish people. According to the criminal complaint, Climo discussed making homemade explosives and intended to bomb synagogues, the offices of the Anti-Defamation League, and a bar he believed had a mostly LGBTQ clientele.

Climo is charged with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm (for “component parts of a destructive device“, according to a US Attorney press release) and faces up to ten years in prison. Climo had previously garnered controversy and headlines in 2016 for conducting armed patrols in his Vegas neighborhood.

Prosecutors claim Climo used the chat app Discord in late 2017 to communicate with the Feuerkrieg Division, a branch of Atomwaffen, a militant Nazi terror group tied to 5 murders in the USA.

However, Discord chat records show that the Feuerkrieg Division was not the only violent neo-nazi group Climo was involved with before his arrest. Discord chats from the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), previously leaked to Unicorn Riot, show that Climo had been an active TWP member.

The TWP, a neo-nazi group involved in violence at Unite The Right in Charlottesville, was led by avowed anti-semite Matthew Heimbach and disbanded in March 2018 following Heimbach’s arrest for domestic violence.

Conor Climo posted in the Traditionalist Worker Party’s Discord chat under the username ‘B1488‘. Numerous Discord posts by ‘B1488’ correlate with details of Climo’s identity, including his location in northwest Vegas, his Croatian heritage, and his deceased father Thomas Climo‘s career in economics. ‘B1488‘ also posted that he worked as a security guard, which Climo did until his arrest, and stated “I am 21” in July 2017, meaning he would be 23 (Climo’s age) today.

Climo’s Discord chats show that he first signed up as a TWP member in February 2017, sending his first messages in TWP’s official Discord later that April. By July 2017, Climo claimed to have gotten a Las Vegas TWP chapter up and running and discussed his attempts to recruit new members. He also posted that he was involved with ‘book club’ meetings for Vegas-area readers of the Daily Stormer.

The leaked chat posts from ‘B1488’ track racist statements Climo reportedly made to federal agents. His chat logs contain extensive use of racist and anti-semitic slurs, at one point calling a synagogue near his workplace a “rat’s nest.” Climo aka ‘B1488’ also boasted about weapons he possessed, telling his fellow TWP members “I have an AR-15” and sharing an image of a knife that he called his “pig sticker.” Some of Climo’s messages show he developed an interest in cybersecurity and Kali Linux, and repeatedly posted about his desire to hack antifascist websites.

Climo is not the first TWP affiliate to catch federal charges for allegedly making plans to carry out an attack. In October 2018, Taylor Wilson, a 26-year-old neo-nazi who posted as ‘keksmix‘ in the leaked TWP chats, was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for his attempted armed hijacking of an Amtrak train in October 2017. More recent leaked chats from March 2018 also show that members of the TWP discussed making firebombs when they believed that a rental home they were sharing with alt-right Richard Spencer might be attacked by antifascists.

Climo’s Discord profile was also active in ‘Pony Power‘, a Discord server set up in late 2017 with the purpose of doxing, harassing and threatening anti-racist activists. His username shows up in ‘Far Right Escape Pod Alpha One‘ as well, a Discord server created by Derrick Davis, a TWP member who once served as the group’s quartermaster. Climo/’B1488’ also appears in leaked records from ‘The Silver Guild‘, a chat set up for white nationalists to share employment opportunities to help each other find work.

An additional Discord handle belonging to Climo, ‘Sir88‘, was also active in the TWP chat from September 2017 to January 2018. His ‘Sir88’ chat profile also posted in ‘Bowl Patrol‘, an even more extreme neo-nazi chat devoted to celebrating racist mass killers such as Dylann Roof.  ‘Sir88’ also claimed to be in a Discord server set up by members of Vanguard America, another neo-nazi group implicated in violence in Charlottesville.

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