Tear Gas at Border as Asylum Seekers Attempt to Cross

Tijuana, Mexico – Groups of asylum seekers that marched to the U.S./Mexico border to protest delays in the asylum process on November 25 were tear gassed by police forces from the United States. The march from Tijuana ran into lines of Mexican riot police as…

Published November 26, 2018

Anti-Muslim Group ‘Act For America’ Hacked by Anonymous

The Internet – On Sunday afternoon, the twitter account @AnonyInfo announced that they had “taken over” a subdomain of the website for the anti-Muslim group Act for America.
Act for America is mostly known for organizing yearly March Against Sharia rallies in cities across the…

Published February 25, 2018

Water Protectors Bridge onto Turtle Island; Mandan Thanksgiving Street Feast

Cannonball / Mandan, ND – On Thursday, November 24th, water protectors held an intersection in Mandan, North Dakota to commemorate Indigenous genocide, saying “No Pipelines, No Prisons, No Problems“. Later, water protectors held space on Turtle Island, the site of a major action on November…

Published November 24, 2016

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