coal mining

  • Tree House Villages Defend Ancient German Forest Against Expanding Coal Mine

    September 9, 2019
    Hambach Forest, Germany – Days after witnessing a massive direct action known as Ende Gelaende, where thousands of climate justice activists stormed coal infrastructure near Mönchengladbach, Germany, Unicorn Riot traveled 200km southeast to the 12,000-year-old Hambach Forest. The Hambach, like many forests around the world,…...
  • Direct Action Shuts Down Coal Mine in Germany (w/ Interview) – Deprogram Ep. 16

    August 21, 2015
    In Episode 16 of our weekly live show “Deprogram”, we interviewed Pascoe Sabido about the #Endegelaende direct action against coal mining in Germany. Over 1,000 activists marched into an open pit Lignite Mine in Germany. While Germany continues to break renewable energy records, they also…...