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Solecast 23 w/ Flobots on Music, Resistance, & Comic Books

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Solecast 23 features an in-depth discussion with the legendary Denver hip-hop band The Flobots. The conversation mainly focuses on their “No Enemies” project, which updates popular songs to employ at demos, actions and protests. No Enemies…

🦄 Direct Action, Social Control

The Solecast # 19 with Vivien Weisman on The Hacker Wars

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An in-depth interview with Cuban born director Vivien Weisman. We discuss the hacker ethic, the importance of whistleblowers & the confluence of hacking & leaking. Vivien talks in depth about the importance of “activist journalism” and…

🦄 Community, LGBTQ+

Trans Woman Denied Access to VA Hospitals

Lucrecia Luciana Belmont served in the US Army for a little over five years from 2003-2008. It was before she was discharged that she began exploring her gender in 2007. She started experimenting off-duty with wearing women’s clothing. “Nobody knew, but I was more comfortable…