Move 9 Supporters Urge Attorney General to Open Investigation

Supporters of the Move 9 are asking for signatures to urge the Attorney General to open an investigation into the 1978 highly contested murder case which for years has been criticized as politically and racially targeted.


Using the hashtag #FreeTheMove9 advocates have launched a twitterstorm to raise awareness, gather signatures for the petition and garner more support for the prisoners.Β  Any petition to the US Attorney General with 25,000 signatures or more must be acknowledged. Advocates hope that forcing the US Attorney General to address the case may help release the Move 9, despite Pennsylvania state officials being intent on keeping them imprisoned.

From the Free the Move 9 Petition

The case of the Move 9 is widely acknowledged as a racially charged incident. Despite substantial evidence of their innocence and the lengthy time served, they remain incarcerated. For this reason we call on the U.S. Attorney General to open a rigorous investigation into this case. We urge you to use your oversight to release the Move prisoners on parole, as they have served almost 40 years in prison.


In 1985 officials fire bombed an entire city block in Philidelphia to evict Move residents.

MOVE Firebombing Aftermath

“On 13 May 1985, police moved in to arrest four members of a group called MOVE, a mostly black, radical anti-establishment organization.

The brutal raid killed six adults and five children aged 7 to 13, destroyed more than 60 homes and left more than 250 people homeless. It stands as the only aerial bombing carried out by police on US citizens on US soil.”

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