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Looking Back at 2023

In 2023, Unicorn Riot saw another impactful year of media-making with a notable rise in viewers across our various platforms and website. This growth affirms our commitment to expanding our mission of spotlighting and contextualizing issues across the globe.

Thanks to your support this year, we’ve been able to grow our network of international contributors, spanning from Palestine to Zimbabwe to Cambodia, Brazil, and Europe while collaborating with new contractors to fill essential roles. As our organization expands, we are working towards meeting our evolving needs and expanding our presence in local, national and international spaces.

Some highlights from this year include:

Our top five most viewed articles of the year were:

  1. ‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region
  2. FBI Bookstore Spying in Chicago Eyes Abortion Rights, Cop City, Anti-Development Activists
  3. Pro-Palestine Protest Attacked in Minneapolis
  4. Helicopter Footage From Mass Arrest Reveals State Trooper Surveillance Capabilities, Tactics, and Communications
  5. Protester Shot and Killed by Officers During Raid on Atlanta Forest

As we plan for 2024 and beyond, your monetary support is crucial. We’re currently still locked into an extensive court battle over press freedoms with Energy Transfer, the multinational energy corporation behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. After years of fighting against their efforts to compel us to turn over documents from our reporting on the 2016 protests against the pipeline, we’ve been forced to spend $50,000 in legal fees. We need your help!

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