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image: the hill of protesters reacts positively to the notion of defunding & disbanding the Minneapolis police department. In the foreground one person's left hand is upraised with their fingers outstretched and their palm towards the stage.

Nine Council Members Vow to Disband Minneapolis Police

Minneapolis, MN – In an historic meeting on June 7, 2020, local elected officials promised to dismantle the scandal-ridden Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).
Time will tell whether this promise will actually be implemented, or if it was simply convenient political posturing during a popular uprising.…

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George Floyd Memorial Service in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN – Unicorn Riot is covering the memorial for George Floyd at North Central University in Elliot Park, Minneapolis. Floyd died 10 days ago after an apprehension by four now-fired MPD officers in South Minneapolis.
Watch our live feed from downtown Minneapolis:

All four…

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Minneapolis Protests Police Murder of George Floyd: Day 7

Minneapolis, MN – Extended protests have continued in the Twin Cities and a vigil site has become ensconced in the intersection around the where a black man named George Floyd brutally lost his life to a now-former Minneapolis police officer. The Twin Cities is still…