Sleds Plunge Down Powderhorn Ice Gauntlet at Community Art Spectacle

Minneapolis, MN – On January 28th, 2017, Unicorn Riot had the opportunity to cover the 2017 Art Sled in Powderhorn Park.

Art Sled was held by  “South Sixteenth High Jinks”, a group made up of Powderhorn residents and artists. They hope to create public events focused around artistic expression and spectacle. Art Sled a “mass sledding spectacle,” helps complete their goals of bringing people together around public events focused around artistic expression.

This year brought a few hundred people to watch as a sleds made of cardboard, streamers, rubber unicorn inflatables, and smoke bombs sled down the hill to the sound of hundreds laughing and cheering.

Unicorn Riot was happy to be able to document this community event. Check out last years event for more Art Sled videos & recorded streams.

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