Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Gain Momentum at DEFCON

Las Vegas, NV – This year, for the first time, a space was dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency at DEFCON 26. The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Open Security Village (BCOS Village) was created in an effort to grow the community and make “blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies more secure, robust and trustable.” The Monero Project, along with the BCOS Village, organized dozens of speaking events and parties for supporters of the crypto-technologies, which are gaining in popularity around the world. 

Unicorn Riot spoke with Paul Shapiro, developer of the MyMonero wallet, about blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Monero.

A number of people gave speeches at the BCOS Village, including Francisco “ArticMine” Cabañas on the implications of adaptive blocksize, and the VP of security at Coinbase.

Unicorn Riot has covered alternative networked economic trends emerging in several countries. Read our previous article about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. We have also reported on the role of alternative currencies in creating autonomous forms of social organization in Greece, in our “Networks of Resistance” series, a feature on the Athens Integral Cooperative, and a closer look at Kenya’s Sarafu-Credit, a network of community currencies.

Written by Andrew Neef & Rachel Weiland

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