Migrant Shelter

Migrants Moved to New Center as Hunger Strike Continues

Tijuana, Mexico – Thousands of migrants have been relocated to a new migrant shelter and await what changes may come as the new Mexican President takes office.

Caravan Moved to New Shelter in Tijuana Mexico from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

In the shelter, migrants found themselves once again in various lines as supplies were dropped off by sympathetic people. “El Barretal“, the new shelter location, is eleven miles from the border, where last Sunday Border Patrol agents used tear gas against groups of migrants. The move came days after rain soaked the previous shelter, turning it into muddy mess.

Our walk through of Benito Juarez shelter December 1, 2018:

While at El Barretal, we witnessed migrants moving into lines to collect supplies and volunteers trying to share asylum information with the migrants. The relocation took place the day after the Tijuana Mayor said he would no longer pay to support the migrants. The Mayor used a flyer that called for another march to the border to activate the police to do whatever is necessary to ensure the border would not be closed again.

Our walk through of Migrant shelter at El Barretal:

The threats to close the border by Donald Trump has caused a slow down in commerce of the San Ysidro port. We heard from many locals that tourism and commerce was down in both directions as fears of the border being closed continued. We were told by a series of taxi drivers that Americans are afraid to get stuck on the Mexico side of the border, because they may miss work, and also Mexicans who go over to shop in San Diego are afraid to be stuck on the United States side.

Camped near the border was an ongoing hunger strike launched by members of Pueblos Sin Fronteras. They are participating in an ongoing hunger strike that claims that the crisis would be averted if migrants were allowed to apply for asylum at a reasonable rate.

One of the demands of the hunger strike was to up-the-claim process to three-hundred-a-day, which would quickly dissolve the crisis they felt was created by the slowing of access to the port of entry by asylum seekers.

Full interview with Pueblos Sin Fronteras members:

Interviews with Pueblos Sin Fronteras Members about their Hunger Strike. from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

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