Faith Leaders March on U.S. Border in Solidarity With Migrants

U.S./Mexico border – Hundreds of faith leaders and allies marched to the United States border wall just south of San Diego in solidarity with the migrant caravan. They were met by Border Patrol agents and Department of Homeland Security police who arrested over thirty clergy members from multiple faiths.

Faith Leaders Arrested During March on US/Mexico Border Wall Near Tijuana from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

The march hoped to bring attention to the thousands of migrants who have been left in waiting in multiple official and unofficial refugee shelters in Tijuana, Mexico. They also wanted to make it clear that seeking asylum is a human right.

Unicorn Riot was live from the border wall in Tijuana for over an hour and a half as faith leaders prayed, sang and preformed ceremonies while Border Patrol agents issued dispersal orders.

The Border Patrol eventually pushed faith leaders back began making arrests. Faith leaders hoped to have migrants gain access to the United States asylum process while the administration keeps pushing for funding to further fortify the southern border.

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Unicorn Riot's Coverage of the Asylum Seekers at the US/Mexico border: