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OmniaTV, Grassroots Independent Media in Greece

Athens, Greece – Operating voluntarily and organized horizontally, the grassroots independent media collective OmniaTV, has functioned out of necessity since 2011. Striving to bring out truths misrepresented in Greek media and covering under-reported stories, OmniaTV stands out as a viable alternative non-profit media source as…

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End of the Year Fundraiser

UPDATE [1/1/18]: This fundraiser has ended. Thanks for supporting Unicorn Riot, your source for non-profit independent media!
As we close out 2017, we want to say thank you to those supporters who have made the past two and a half years possible! That continued support…

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Unicorn Riot’s Spring 2016 Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ended June 30th, 2016.
Unicorn Riot is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.
Use the following PayPal “Donate” link to make a one-time donation of any amount.
In order to receive your gift, please provide your mailing address and t-shirt size when…

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Denver Cop Jeff Motz Who Killed Dion Damon Has History of Violence

Denver Police Technician Jeffrey Motz was identified in a police press conference as having shot unarmed Dion Avila Damon seven times through the windshield of a car on Tuesday, April 12. While most media coverage in Denver focused on Dion’s alleged criminal history, no reports…

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Deprogram: Episode 16

Ep. 16: #Snowden #NSA #ATT #Windows10 #Surveillance #Whiteclay #SesameStreet #StopWMM #Antifa #ChelseaManning #FightForDyett #SaveDyett #sHellNo #Pentagon #Guantanamo #RadazzHearns #Navajo #DefendDenver #Endegelaende

#Snowden #NSA #ATT | More Snowden documents have thrown a spotlight back onto the NSA’s spying programs using telecommunication giants AT&T and…