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Bomb Explodes at Hamburg Transit Station, Neo-Nazi Arrested

Hamburg, Germany – At the S-Bahn Station, a bag packed with nails, screws, and pyrotechnics were placed on the train platform on Sunday evening, December 17th. According to witnesses, the bomb explosion sent shrapnel flying through the air, breaking several windows.
Police initially reported that…

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Reports From Greece – 13 Part Series – 2017

During the summer of 2017, Unicorn Riot documented over a dozen stories from Athens, Greece. The stories were varied, most displaying networks of mutual aid, including housing, healthcare, food, detainee support and more, created by anarchists and anti-authoritarians in and around Exarcheia.
We produced three…

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Greece: Networks of Resistance Pt. 1 – ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest

Athens, Greece – In the summer of 2017, folks in Athens organized the Networks of Resistance: 1st European Local Struggles Conference to “create an open source platform” to expand upon and share the experiences, knowledge, and ideas that have arisen from organically created resistance encampments…

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G20 Hamburg – Riots Scorch Hamburg as World Leaders Meet

Hamburg, Germany – World leaders started the G20 Summit in Hamburg under heavy police protection. By early morning, the sky was filled with smoke plumes from burning barricades and vehicles across the city. Riots started early in the morning and continued across Hamburg despite the…