Department of Justice Finds Racist Discrimination Practices in Minneapolis PD

Minneapolis, MN – U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice (DOJ) has completed a two-year review of Minneapolis Police Department practices, and found widespread discrimination especially against Black and Native Americans. In a Friday morning press conference, Garland said that Minneapolis police forces “unlawfully discriminates” against Black and Native Americans “at disproportionate rates” and after racist incidents police are “not accountable for racist conduct.”

Unconstitutional practices include “bodily force and pepper spray … instances of excessive force against kids” without efforts to de-escalate, according to Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General and DOJ Civil Right Division chief. The DOJ is recommending 28 remedial measures for Minneapolis police.

Garland announced that the city and police department have committed to a court-enforceable consent decree agreement process. “Patterns and practices we observed made what happened to George Floyd possible,” Garland said. Both First and Fourth Amendments were routinely violated by MPD according to the DOJ.

The press conference is live here:

Additionally the DOJ posted a press release, the 92-page findings report (PDF) and a 4-page ‘Agreement in Principle‘ (PDF) signed by federal and local authorities.

Community Orgs Highlight Larger Systemic Trends, Beyond MPD

The press conference was followed by another press conference with community members and organizations who have pressed for police accountability:

A DOJ Webinar to present more details was scheduled on Zoom at 5 p.m. Central, Friday evening. Unicorn Riot mirrored most of the stream (the first few minutes are missing due to an audio problem). After the webinar we talk with our reporter Niko about the day’s events and the first two episodes of the “Reporter Reflections” series are also included.

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