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Enbridge Office Flooded With Protesters During Direct Action Against Tar Sands Pipelines; Seven Arrested

Duluth, MN – Nov. 2, 2015. A rally in Duluth agitated against pipeline construction and demanded full Tribal consultation regarding these dangerous projects. Many groups are rallying to resist the construction of more dirty pipelines across northern Minnesota and beyond. UnicornRiot.ninja had reporters onsite and…

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South Minneapolis Creates Free Organic Market

Minneapolis, MN – On September 19th we met up with Fernanda Hart, the CANDO Sustainability & Food Access organizer, to learn about a project called “Plant-Grow-Share.”

We spent the day biking through the Central neighborhood of South Minneapolis, following handmade maps with the safest, quickest…

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Deprogram: Episode 7

Ep 7: #DistractinglySexy #OPMhack #TPP #ShellNo #TamirRice #DallasPDshooting #DemouriaHogg #BodyCams Int’l Report, Interviews w/ Alex Landau about Police Brutality & Kurt Hanna on Medical Marijuana in MN –
“Deprogram”, a live show hosted by Zo and Niko that attempts to examine the roots of the…