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‘Marielle, Presente’ – March Marks Feminist Struggles in Brazil

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8, is an historic date that seeks to highlight the importance of women’s struggle for gender equality all around the world. In Brazil, the date is celebrated annually with actions that aim to remember the social, political and…

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COVID Commission Finds Bolsonaro Committed “Crimes Against Humanity”

Thousands of Black people occupied the streets of several cities throughout Brazil on November 20, a national holiday called Black Consciousness/Awareness Day. A month earlier, investigations into President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic found him guilty of “crimes against humanity” and recommended indictments…

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Police in Brazil Killed Record Amount of People in 2020

An average of 17 people a day, totaling at least 6,416 people, were killed by police in Brazil during the year of 2020. These staggering totals set the highest amount ever recorded since tracking police killings in the country of over 211 million people. The…

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Are the “Fora Bolsonaro” Protests Enough?

Time and time again millions of Brazilians go back to the streets to protest against misgovernance. Rocked by the shouts of “Fora Bolsonaro” (Bolsonaro out) and opposing shouts of “Olê, olá, Lula, Lula,” around 500 Brazilian cities, including all the capitals and another 17 countries…

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São Paulo

“Brazil is Asking for Help” – Artists and Activists Speak Out

COVID-19 continues to ravage Brazil, leading to record numbers of daily deaths. For a deeper understanding of some of the impacts the coronavirus pandemic is having on several areas and aspects of life, Unicorn Riot recently heard from four Brazilians across different states.

Brazilian Pandemonium:…