Solecast #20 Rojava Special w/ Janet Biehl

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A discussion with Janet Biehl on Rojava and the works of Murray Bookchin. We go in-depth on how people in this Kurdish region are developing an autonomous, democratic, stateless society in the midst of a warzone. Fighters from this region are popular for being the most effective fighting force standing up to ISIS/Daesh (see Kobane). What is really happening here has largely been ignored in the mainstream media. We delve a bit deeper:


YPJ defending Rojava from attack by Daesh
  • What do their democratic institutions look like?
  • How do you create real feminist institutions in a traditionally male-dominated society?
  • What do alternatives to policing and punitive justice look like?
  • How do you create a horizontal, liberated society while under siege?
  • Why is it important to make a distinction between “environmentalism” and “radical ecology?”


The discussion is framed around the Murray Bookchin’s life-long critical exploration of revolutionary ideas and praxis. We talk about Murray’s evolution from Marxism, to social ecology, to post-scarcity anarchism to communalism and how this constant exploration of ideas have helped form the basis for a revolutionary society in the heart of the Middle East.

Rojava in September 2015
Situation in ‪Rojava as of January 2016

Janet Biehl’s new book, “Ecology or Catastrophe” is available now through Oxford Books.


Unicorn Riot original reporting on Syria: