🦄 Borders

Faith Leaders March on U.S. Border in Solidarity With Migrants

U.S./Mexico border – Hundreds of faith leaders and allies marched to the United States border wall just south of San Diego in solidarity with the migrant caravan. They were met by Border Patrol agents and Department of Homeland Security police who arrested over thirty clergy…

🦄 Racism

Anti-Racist Crowd Overwhelms Small Far-Right Rally in Philly

Philadelphia, PA – Over a thousand anti-racist protesters gathered on Independence Mall on Saturday to oppose a “We The People” rally organized by right-wing groups tied to groups like the Proud Boys and the Three Percenter militia network.
The rally was organized by a Facebook…

🦄 Racism

Feds Arrest 4 Neo-Nazis Over Charlottesville Violence

Charlottesville, VA – Today federal authorities announced the arrests of four California men on charges stemming from their involvement in violence at the neo-Nazi Unite The Right rally in August 2017. The four men are all members of the Rise Above Movement, or RAM, a…