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Hundreds of youth march in Minneapolis after George Floyd killer released from jail

Youth Lead March After Ex-Cop Charged in Floyd’s Murder Bailed Out

Minneapolis, MN – Hundreds of young adults and teenagers marched just hours after the ex-cop charged with George Floyd’s death was released on bail.

Starting at George Floyd Memorial Square on 38th Street and Chicago Avenue at 6:30 p.m. on October 7, a fast-paced march…

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Ex-Cop Charged in George Floyd Murder Out On $1M Bail

Minneapolis, MN – Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) officer charged with murdering George Floyd, was released from jail on a non-cash bond on Wednesday, October 7.

In response to expected protests over Derek Chauvin being released from jail, Minnesota’s Governor, Tim Walz,…

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March on Washington for Police Accountability

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 70,000 people converged at the Lincoln Memorial to demand police accountability and racial equity across all sectors in America. The march was originally announced in June by Al Sharpton as he delivered the eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral. Dedicating the march…