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Activists Fight Against Criminalization of Homelessness in New Haven

New Haven, CT – New Haven’s Amistad Catholic Worker is a place of refuge for New Haven’s homeless population. Its director, Mark Colville, is also a local celebrity: spearheading campaigns targeting the city’s criminalization of homelessness, clearing of encampments, and hostility toward public services on…

🦄 Community, COVID-19

Court Protest Aims at Boston Covid Housing Crisis

BOSTON, MA – Thousands of families in eastern Massachusetts face renewed risk of eviction. Governor Charlie Baker opted on October 17 to cease emergency measures to protect shelter that have been in effect throughout most of 2020, triggering a huge surge in “notices to quit”…

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First Lawsuit Hearing for Mobile Home Park Residents Suing Park Owners

Aurora, CO – On February 23, 2018, residents of Denver Meadows Mobile Home Park, members of 9to5 Colorado, and community members attended the first hearing in a collective lawsuit filed against the park’s owners.
The lawsuit alleges that since the time the park’s residents created…