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New Documentary on Late Sixties Civil Unrest is a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Decoding the Modern Day Police State

In the late 60’s, the American police state opened a Pandora’s Box of lurid paranoia, laying the groundwork for decades of authoritarian control in order to clamp the lid shut on the near- revolutions of 1967-68. This history featured in the new documentary “Riotsville USA” suggests that the increasing authority police gifted themselves may ultimately be a curse on society.

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Gentrification Endangers Historic Exarcheia Square

Athens, Greece – Two things have been steady and invariable in Greece the last decades, the fine weather and nepotism. Even as the first starts to change due to the climate crisis, the second seems untouchable and intact. Once again, members of the Mitsotakis/Bakoyannis family lead the…