Homeless Tenants Union: Unhoused Self-Advocacy in the Twin Cities

Bloomington, MN – In November 2020, Unicorn Riot sat down with a handful of people who are a part of a new union of unhoused community members at an Extended Stay America hotel in Bloomington, MN, where several have been temporarily residing. They told us about the needs of people experiencing homelessness in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas and offered solutions to begin addressing the root causes of housing crises.

One person noted that while hundreds of thousands in the United States are experiencing homelessness and poverty, billionaires like Jeff Bezos continue to hoard wealth. They explained, “The working poor and the working class have been paying for decades, and they’ve been profiting off our backs and our suffering. It’s their turn to pay. They need to come help us.

See our past report on the forming of the tenants union: Unhoused Community Forms Tenants Union, Constituents Protest at Commissioner’s Home

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