‘Stop Cop City’ Week of Action Day 2: Rematriating Mvskoke Land; Hardcore Benefit Show

Talk is Linked to #StopCopCity Week of Action

Stone Mountain, GA — Mikko Chebon Kernell is a spiritual leader of the Muscogee Creek people. The Muscogee Creek people’s involvement in the “Stop Cop City” movement represents their return to ancestral homelands 300 years after they were violently removed through the genocidal process of American settler-colonialism.

Sunday evening’s talk at Community Books in Stone Mountain, GA, included a discussion of the vision for Indigenous reclamation of the Weelaunee Forest near Atlanta, which includes the ~72 acres currently being clearcut for the Atlanta Police Foundation’s proposed ‘Cop City’ urban warfare training center.

A “Week of Action” to stop construction, dubbed #StopCopCity, is currently unfolding in Atlanta.

Meanwhile back in Atlanta at eyedrum, a local “community art space”, a hardcore punk benefit show was held to raise funds for legal aid organizers with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, recently raided, arrested and charged with charity fraud and money laundering in a widely condemned political prosecution brought by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation which was criticized by a judge for “not [having] a lot of meat on the bones” in terms of evidence.

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