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Protesters Rally Downtown as First Day of Chauvin Trial Begins

Minneapolis, MN – The long-awaited trial of Derek Chauvin has finally come as hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Minneapolis for the first day. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis Police officer, is charged with second degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of George…

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Police Training Examined in Upcoming Lawsuit

Columbus, GA – A family is preparing for a civil lawsuit this spring against the Columbus Consolidated Government, the Columbus Police Chief and three police officers who were dispatched to Hector Arreola’s home after he called 911 for help in Jan. 2017. According to court…

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“The fight is not over:” CO Brown Berets Rally on Inauguration Day

Denver, CO — Shortly after President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday in D.C., a combination of groups came together in downtown Denver to proclaim their ongoing demands and concerns of the federal government—explicitly its mistreatment of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.


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Minneapolis Police Kill Man Blocks From George Floyd Square

Minneapolis, MN – An evening before New Year’s Eve 2021, police fatally shot a man while in a South Minneapolis gas station parking lot, reportedly during a traffic stop.

In a somewhat contentious press conference near the scene of the killing outside the Holiday gas…

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Isak Aden, One Year Later: A Life Stolen by Police

Eagan, MN – Almost a year to the day after Isak Aden was killed by police during a July 2019 standoff, the negotiating officer who spoke with Aden as he was fatally shot aggressively pushed two ‘Justice for Isak’ protesters during a march on Somali…