Denver Housing Advocates Launch 5256-Minute Vigil at City Hall

Denver, CO – Before the sun rises on Wednesday, October 14, advocates with Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) and other like-minded organizations began a vigil on race and homelessness, which they intend to maintain for 5,256 minutes.

“This is to honor and stand for every Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color (BIPOC) who is homeless in Denver right now.” – Denver Homeless Out Loud

Each minute of the vigil represents one unhoused Denver resident who is BIPOC. DHOL based the number off the 2020 Point in Time survey, which they insist is a “known undercount,” so they then tripled that amount to reach a more accurate count.

Unicorn Riot covered the vigil’s launch. Watch below:

The purpose of the vigil is to highlight the policies and practices within the United State’s “systemic white racism” which prevents marginalized people from securing stable housing.

“In Denver, while only 5.3% of the general population is Black, 23.2% of the homeless population is Black. Similarly while 0.78% of the general population is Indigenous, 5.5% of the homeless population is Indigneous. This disproportionality is not an accident.” – Denver Homeless Out Loud

Unicorn Riot will be reporting from the ground during the duration of the vigil. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Unicorn Riot coverage on Denver’s housing crisis:
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