Oklahoma Local Commissioner’s Racist Organizing Attracts National Attention, Town Opponents

Enid, OK — A highly active participant in the 2017 “Unite the Right” neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA went on to recently get elected to the city council in an Oklahoma town, but new reports show that some residents have had enough of his exterminationist ideology being seated in a place of power over them. Judson Gannon Blevins has been a key organizer in Oklahoma’s racist scene, but he’s also currently an elected official.

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Unicorn Riot obtained thousands of chat records from white supremacists on the Discord platform, including more than a thousand messages from Blevins’ chat profile ‘Conway – OK‘ sent during both Unite the Right and his later racist organizing with the now-defunct Identity Evropa group.

These records helped observers understand Blevins’ ideology, which could be summarized as “I JUST CANT FEEL SAFE IF IM NOT PACKING AN AR WITH A 100 ROUND DRUM AND SPORTING MY SWASTIKA ARMBAND.”

Blevins was photographed by Unicorn Riot amid tense moments at the infamous torch rally on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, where students and demonstrators were attacked by a racist mob.

Judson Gannon Blevins, center, stares at an antiracist counterdemonstrator at left, while holding a tiki torch, at the University of Virginia on Friday, August 11, 2017.

In March 2019, writer Jared Holt determined that Judson was an organizer in Oklahoma for Identity Evropa, a white supremacist group started by Nathan Damigo. That same month, Unicorn Riot released more than 770,000 chats from within Identity Evropa.

In the weeks that followed, many Evropa members were outed and lost sensitive positions. Reporter Christopher Mathias identified seven active members of the US armed forces inside the white nationalist group; journalist Erin Corbett looked at how Identity Evropa was trying to infiltrate the Republican Party. A cop working at a high school in Virginia was also identified as a member of the group.

Identity Evropa tried to rebrand itself as “American Identity Movement” under leader Patrick Casey, but this effort sputtered and it disbanded in November 2020 at Casey’s orders. Casey has since joined a growing internet underclass of would-be-fuhrers-turned-podcasters.

Identity Evropa and Casey were sued in a major lawsuit called Sines v. Kessler, which we covered in exhaustive detail. Casey’s video deposition can be seen in part in No Accident, the the 2023 HBO documentary about Sines v. Kessler. Our DiscordLeaks chat records, corroborated with data provided from the Discord company itself, led the plaintiffs’ investigators to a lot of communications among the participants, and they were found civilly liable on several charges.

Last November residents of Enid, under the moniker Enid Social Justice Committee, challenged Blevins and called out his history of white supremacist organizing. Blevins claimed he was a “different man” now but did not deny his history.

New reports this week from Mathias at HuffPost outline Blevins’ recent activities in Enid in great detail and NBC senior reporter Brandy Zadrozny interviewed the people involved with trying to oust him from his seat of local power in Enid. Unicorn Riot’s photo from Charlottesville turns up in the segment: Enid locals used it to highlight his fascist past.

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