Wells Fargo and PNC Bank Windows Smashed in ‘Stop Cop City’ Demo

Tucson, AZ — A Sunday night march through downtown Tucson in solidarity with the Stop Cop City movement ended with windows smashed at two downtown banks — a Wells Fargo and a PNC Bank. The proposed paramilitary police urban warfare school in Atlanta has drawn similar protests and actions since mid-2022.

A Wells Fargo executive sits on the board of the Atlanta Police Foundation, the organization responsible for the Cop City Project. PNC Bank is a funder of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and is believed to have been targeted for its role in the troubled and ecologically harmful project that’s been long opposed by direct actions.

It was not immediately clear whether any arrests took place at the march – a large police surveillance operation was seen in the area, including drones and helicopters. At least one person was reported to have been detained.

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