Advocates and houseless describe years of encampment sweeps in Minneapolis

Minneapolis’ Unhoused Speak Out Against Years of Evictions

Minneapolis, MN – With threat of eviction hanging overhead, today residents of the Sanctuary in Powderhorn Park are sharing their experiences being repeatedly displaced and evicted by police. See the live stream from the presser in the park below.

Established on June 10, the first Sanctuary Park tent encampment sprang into existence to serve the shelter needs of unhoused Minneapolis residents during the coronavirus pandemic. After the Hiawatha Encampment was evicted, the Sanctuary Hotel was next to follow, formerly located eight blocks north of George Floyd square.

Two weeks ago, on Monday, July 20, dozens of unhoused people were displaced and about 20 people were arrested as law enforcement executed an eviction of the eastern portion of the sanctuary park.

This is a cycle of violent evictions,” asserts a post on the @MplsSanctuary Instagram page. Tent encampments have existed for years in Minneapolis, a city with a significant Indigenous population, which is reflected in the demographics of the unhoused. Two years ago Unicorn Riot walked through the Franklin/Hiawatha encampment, the “wall of forgotten natives,” a tent city of houseless folks, mostly of Native American heritage.

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