Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Speech Disrupted by Water Protectors

Minneapolis, MN – Water protectors opposing the recently completed Line 3 oil pipeline disrupted Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s speech during a political fundraising event and demanded to meet with her before she abruptly left the stage.

During the evening of November 11, 2021, water protectors congregated at the Salvation Army across the street from the Crooners Supper Club in Northeast Minneapolis where they prepared to disrupt Senator Klobuchar during her scheduled speech at a fundraiser event for Representative Connie Bernardy (DFL-41A). The goal of the action was to gauge her support of Line 3 and to ask for a meeting with Klobuchar.

As others waited outside, a protester inside the club said that two main figureheads of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party were inside Crooners: “Ken Martin, head of the DFL … and Keith Ellison was visible.” Since the September disruption of Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s Attorney General, he’s been meeting with water protectors almost weekly. Protesters expressed hope that this action would lead to similar cooperation with Klobuchar.

The water protectors were let in the building from the side door when Klobuchar’s speech started and they started their disruption moments later. Senator Klobuchar reacted by dismissing the protests without much acknowledgement. Water protectors chanted and spoke on Amy’s history of backing environmental projects and they said she ignored Line 3 and its effect on the environment.

After a few minutes Klobuchar’s speech was cut short, and water protectors returned outside and were escorted off the premises by police and private security.

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