Image: the side entrance to the Minneapolis Police Department uses bullet-proof glass in the windows and door, which are each showing several fractures from having objects thrown at them from protesters. 'MPD 3rd Precinct, Public Entrance on Minnehaha Ave.' is written in gold stencils on the door.

Minneapolis Protests Police Murder of George Floyd: Day 2

Minneapolis, MN – Protesters are continuing to gather outside the Minneapolis Police (MPD) 3rd Precinct building today after extended protests and clashes with police yesterday. The Twin Cities is still engulfed in mass outrage after MPD officer Derek Chauvin was filmed choking a black man named George Floyd to death in a disturbing video that went viral Monday night.

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On Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called on Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to file criminal charges against Officer Chauvin. Chauvin and three other officers involved in Floyd’s were fired on Tuesday. Such a quick firing of officers after a police killing is unprecedented in Minneapolis history.

More evidence continues to emerge that suggest police lied when they claimed that George Floyd was resisting arrest at the time Officer Chauvin started choking him out with a knee on his neck:

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